Balinese Temple

The Balinese temple is a sacred space in which the deities are honored with rituals and  offerings. The basic function of a temple to serve as a site where the Balinese pay reverence to the spiritual powers that play such a large role in their lives. There are at least 10,000 temples on Bali  with various types.

Balinese distinguish two important types of temple. Sanggah is refers to private or family temple and Pura is a temple in the public domain, generally located on public land.

The famous temple sites that tourists visit are  "Mother temple" of Besakih, major temple of Ulun Danu (Batur), Lempuyang, Gua Lawah, Ulu Watu, Batukau, Pusering Jagat, Andakasa , Puncak Mangu.

A temple may contain two or often three courtyard. The innermost courtyard (is the most sacred), the middle courtyard (is believe as the meeting point of the divine and the worldly) and the outer courtyard .


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