Bali Painting

A major center of traditional painting is located at Kamasan, near Gelgel in Klungkung regency. Other center were located in Gianyar, Bangli, Karangasem, Tabanan, Sanur and Singaraja.

Walter Spies (1895 - 1942), a German artists, In 1927 he come to Bali and settled in Campuan, near Ubud. He was the most influential artist. Rudolf Bonnet, a Dutchman, visited Bali and settled in Ubud in 1931. These  two artists exerted a great influence on local artists.  Another important figure is a  Mexican painter, Miguel Covarrubias.

Three modern art centers developed in 1930s, they located in Ubud, Sanur and Batuan. Balinese painters  settled in the area between Mas and Ubud. Only a small number of Balinese painters receive formal art training .Formally trained artists work in styles and with subjects that differ completely from those of non-academic painters. Balinese art in now displayed in many galleries and several museum  in Bali.


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