Bali Indonesia : Bangli Regency

Bangli is the only regency that doesn't have any beaches as tourist attractions because Bangli is situated on high land. However, Bangli Regency does have a dramatic lake. The lake is the largest lake in Bali and it is called Danau Batur. From arround Kintamani village tourist can see the beauty of Mount Batur towering over the lake. At night sometimes we can see the smoke coming out from the top of Mount Batur. Tourist also can see traditional village of Bali, Trunyan and Penglipuran.

Kintamani village.
The mountainous region around Kintamani, centering around the spectacular volcanic caldera of Mt. Batur with its deep crater lake and bubbling hot springs, is rugged with a high and wild beauty. Mount Batur itself is actually just a small volcano, but its setting in the heart of a huge crater 14km in diameter. Wonderful mountain air and dizzying views in all directions, as well as several important temples, are what make Kintamani one of the most memorable stops on the Bali tourist itinerary



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