The Dani Tribes
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This valley has been the most visited part of the island, especially in recent years. The Dani Tribes speak related Papuan, or non - Austronesian language and live in the high central range of Papua Island, the most eastern province of Indonesia.

Until the last decades the Dani tribes were some of the most isolated populations by swamps and mountains. They grew root crops, raised pig and used polished stone axes and adzes. They didn't make pottery (which means "sign of the modernity"), but otherwise their technology was very much like that of the Neolithic of the Old and New Worlds.

There may be 250,000 Dani living in the central mountains, many live scattered among the steep mountain slopes. The Valley has one of the highest densities of population in Papua Province. The Dani Tribes build their huts in a compound nicely express both environmental adaptation and Dani's character. The men's and women's huts have thick thatched roofs which keep rain, yet retain the heat from the earth, along with just enough smoke to discourage the mosquito. The temperatures of the highland are ranged from 26 degrees Celsius at the day time and 12 degrees at night.

The highlights of sightseeing are Dani Market in Wamena Town, Wauma  Village and, which can be easily reach on foot or by car from Wamena. Further out are Aikima, with its 250 years old mummy, Suroba, Jiwika and neighboring villages. With 2 hours climbing, you can see the salt spring where the Dani women make salt in primitive way fashion for centuries. Outer adventures are southward to Kurima area, where the Dani and Yali Tribes' way of life mixed into a unique combination.


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