Diving in Bunaken

The reefs surrounding are very steep, pristine coral walls, covered with a particularly incredible amount and variety of soft coral. Visibility here is a bit less than the tropical ideal, usually 12-25 meters, but this is due to plankton, which sustains the area's rich fish and invertebrate life.

The variety of marine life here is excellent; the surfaces of the walls are crowded with hard and soft corals, whip corals, sponges, and clinging and basket stars. Huge schools of pyramid butterflyfish and black triggerfish and clouds of anthias swarn around the reef edge and the upper part of the wall. Sharks, schools of barracuda, rays, moray eels and sea snakes - particularly the black and grey banded colubrine sea snake are relatively common here.

Reef type : Steep coral walls
Access : 45 min to 1.5 hr by boat
Visibility : Fair to very good; 12-25 meters
Current : Usually gentle; at some sites to 2 knots or more
Coral : Excellent condition and variety, particularly soft corals
Fish : Good numbers and excellent variety
Highlights : Pristine walls; sheer number of species; interesting wreck

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