Korowai Tree Tribes
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About the Korowai

The Korowai are direct neighbours of the Asmat and live north of the Dairam Kabiur. Their habitat is limited by two large rivers and the mountains in the north. Their swampy area is approximately 600 kmē bid. In this difficult area are living up to 2500 Korowai together in small family groups. The Korowai are hunters and collectors. They nourish themselves mainly with Sago which they won from Sago palms. They refer their main protein food from the larvae of the Capricorn beetle.

The huntable animals represent their further base of live. There are wild pigs; Casuar bird; birds; snakes; and small insects. Vegetable food is also very important for them. Especially palm leaves, fern, breadfruit and the red pandanae fruit.

The Korowai live together in small family groups in tree houses. These tree houses can reach heights up to 50 meters, what however only in exceptional cases the case is.  The Korowai build such kind of tree houses only if there is a dispute with the neighbours, or if they live in an hostile area. Their normal tree houses are around 6 to 25 Meters high. A Korowai family with up to eight persons live in such kind of houses. But there is a strictly separatism between men and women. Their material culture is exclusively limited to indispensable things of daily live as well as decoration articles for the body.

Tour Itinerary

Duration                : 14 Days/13 Nights
Grade                    : Moderate to Challenging
Starts/Ends          : Jayapura

Day 01 : Arrive Jakarta or Bali. Meet and transfer to the hotel.
Day 02 :
Transfer to the airport for flight to Jayapura. Overnight at hotel in Jayapura.
Day 03 :
Depart by flight to Wamena. Sighseeing around Wamena. Overnight at hotel.
Day 04 :
Depart by charter flight to Yaniruma. Overnight at missionary house.
Day 05 :
Trekking and canoeing to Dearam and Dayo Village. Overnight in shelters.
Day 06 - 10 :
Five days exploring the swampy lowland rain forest in searching for the Tribes live on trees, the Korowai. Overnight in shelters.
Day 11 :
Trekking back to Yaniruma. Overnight at missionary house.
Day 12 :
Depart by chartered flight direct to Jayapura. Overnight hotel.
Day 13 :
Leave Jayapura to Jakarta. Overnight at hotel in Jakarta.
Day 14 :
Transfer to the airport for flight to next destination or extend with other trips.


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