Massage & Spa

Visiting  a spa is the ideal holiday activity. Being massaged, creamed , steamed and generally pampered is the best possible way to relax. A variety of traditional herbal, essential oils with creative modern adaptation used as the basis of most spa treatments.  An exotic blend of spices is used to cleanse and nourish the skin while it is being massaged . Its has soft, sweet smell that  is conductive relaxation experience. 

Spa design has become a specialized art itself, with marble and stone, coconut wood and teak, woven cottons and silk commonly being used to decorate the spa area.

Kirana Spa, Ubud
Sprawled over 10,00 sq. meters of landscaped gardens that blend harmoniously with the natural environment. Kirana combines effective treatments and genuine  hospitality to pamper, detoxify and rejuvenate its guests.

Ritz-Carlton Spa, Jimbaran.
Consisting of a Spa building and central courtyard, Spa Villas, Fitness Center,Spa Boutique, Spa Lounge, Spa Bar and Honzen Restaurant.  The blend of Javanese and Balinese architecture takes you to a different time while its exquisite spa treatments, complete with a Lulur, jamu and cream bath. 

Ubud Sari Health Resort, Ubud
The resort offers a variety of spa and beauty treatments as well as health-care  treatments. The latter includes chiropractic treatments, therapeutic massage (shiatsu, reiki, lomi-lomi, etc), alternative treatment, deep tissue body work and total tissue cleansing.

Tjampuhan Spa, Ubud
The spa occupies a cave-like hollow in a sand-stone river bank,  and is filled with stalactites, stalagmites and lush foliage. Massage room are caverns cut into the cliff face and the sound of gurgling water perpetually fills the air. Holistic healing and rejuvenation takes place here with a wide range of treatments.

Pita Maha Spa, Ubud
Its spa complex perched on the edge of a cliff. The view are indeed breathtaking. The massage room is equipped with tv and stereo system. The sauna and steam room are set in carved rock hollows. After treatments, guests may rest  in the hot and cold jacuzzis and whirpool.

Martha Tilaar Spa and Salon in Desa Muda Village
Its traditional recipe, base on the extract of rice, is special for body treatments.

Bodyworks on Jalan Seminyak.
It was the first spa on the island. The quality of its treatments and its great atmosphere has made  Bodyworks so popular.

Mandara Spa in The Chedi Ubud and The Serai.
Most of the treatments used by the spa have Indonesian origins.

Asia Spa and Fitness in the Radisson.
The traditional Balinese acupressure massage and unique  combinations of herbs and spices help to rejuvenate and redefine total body health.

Nusa Dua Spa at Nusa Dua Hotel
Exotic environment that beautifully blends traditional elegance with smart modern convenience.


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