Yali Tribes
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About the Yali Tribes

A thirty-minute chartered flght to Angguruk or Kosarek area, it's about 35 miles southeast of Wamena live another tribe called Yali. The Yali live on hills and flat terrain deeper in the Baliem Valley. The temperature of this area is 20 C - 30 C in the day time and at night 10 C - 15 C. The total population of this area is 30.000 people.

This tribe has similar way of life like Dani but is shorter and "cleaner". The Yali tribesmen wear "koteka", the penis gourd, straight to front instead of straight up like the Dani do. The Yali practice less sophisticated cultivation techniques than Dani and keep fewer pigs. They provide the Dani with decorative bird feathers as well as tree kangaroo and cuscus pelts and fine rare woods, long disappear from the Baliem Valley itself.

Yali tools have not changed in a thousand of years - stone axe of pointed shards wrapped tightly onto a wooden stick, net carrying bags supported from the forehead, thick bows five or six feet long, and arrowhead carved to a purpose -broad and flat for large game, a triple barb for birds, notched and tapered black for setting tribal disputes.

There are two actually main tribes in the area: Yali and Yalimo. Compared with the Dani people the Yali tribe is much more primitive and less visited. They are also less influenced by outside world. There are no land transportation and accommodation available here, all must be trekked on foot. The only air transportation to Angguruk or Kosarek is served by missionary small flight, that has to booked early in advance.

Upon arrival in Angguruk, there're just only missionary's house, teacher's house or even local people's hut for accommodation. Food material must be taken along with, as there is no shop available in this region.

Tour Itinerary

Duration            :  13 Days/12 Nights
Grade                :  Moderate
Starts/Ends:     : Jayapura

Day 01 : Arrive Jakarta or Bali. Meet and transfer to hotel.
Day 02 : Depart for Jayapura. Transfer to hotel.
Day 03 : Fly to Wamena. See the Dani women prepare salt in traditional way, visit Sumpaima village to see the old mummy, local market. Back to Wamena.
Day 04 : Depart to Kosarek by the chartered mission flight and trekking to Serkasi. Overnight at mission guest house.
Day 05 :
Trekking on the hills, cross the river and rain forest to Telambela village. Overnight at the church.
Day 06 : Full day at Telambela to enjoy the traditional dances and pig feast and to learn the culture of Yali Tribes.
Day 07 : Trekking up the hills to Membahama Village. Overnight at mission house or the village's teacher house.
Day 08
: Another trekking day further to the Yali's territory. Overnight at the local house in Helariki village.
Day 09 :
From Helariki return to Angguruk through the hills, rivers and breathtaking views. Overnight at the mission house in Angguruk.
Day 10 : Leave the Yali Tribes' Territory by the charter flights for return to Wamena. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 11 : Fly back to Jayapura. Overnight hotel.
Day 12 : Depart from Jayapura to Jakarta or Bali. Overnight hotel.
Day 13 : Transfer to the airport for flight to next destination or extend with other trips.

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