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We invite you to diving in Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago containing 10-15 percent of the world's coral reefs, to some of the most idyllic islands, to the finest dive resorts available.

Indonesia consists more than 17,000 islands and becomes the largest archipelago in the world with at least 80,000 kilometers of coastline. It lies between Southeast Asia and Australia, the largest archipelago in the world covers an area of 2,000 kilometers from North to South and more than 5,000 kilometers from East to West. The territorial waters of Indonesia include .3 million square kilometers of tropical seats.

The special conditions of this strategic zone are the reasons for the fish population to be extremely abundant here. About 4000 different species are found in the Indonesian waters (over 25% of the planet's fish species), in comparison to the 1000 found in the Red or the 400 from the Caribbean. Apart from this, invertebrates proliferate throughout the hundreds of patch reefs, sheer walls and barriers reefs Colourful nudi branch, pipe fishes and seahorses roam amongst the chrynoids, gorgonias and soft corals, a whole rainbow hue covering the entire extension of the reef walls. Big fish pop up every now and then, offering superb sights of big tunas, shoal or barracudas, manta rays and sharks galore. Another "rarity" also to be found there is the dugong, an impressive marine herbivorous relative of the manatees, unique survivor of the syrenid order It is also possible to spot several species of cetaceans, from tiny porpoises to the huge Sperm whale, still united with ancestral procedures by local tribes for subsistence, under the exemption of the International Whaling Commission.

With over 17,500 islands sweeps across the richest tropical waters in the world and vast expanse of ocean on one of the world's most volatile volcanic belts, diving in Indonesia is a new and fresh experience. Submerged, immaculate marine coliseums await the avid diver, the myriad fish and invertebrates that shelters among and encrust the rugged surface provided by the clumps, shelves and branches of coral are overwhelming in their numbers, shapes and colors, all are reminder of a time when all the life on earth existed in shallow, tropical seas will make you feel stepping into time machine. Diving in Indonesia is un-equalled anywhere else.

In climate, Indonesia experiences two kind of seasons; the rainy seasons and the dry seasons. The rainy season is normally November to April, with a peak around January / February. The dry seasons, May to October (especially June to August), is generally a better time to come.

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