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The Padaido archipelago is located in east Biak. It comprises of 30 islands big and small. The archipelago was called "Schoutenlands" after William Schouten, found the islands in 1962. Padaido is a local word, meaning un-describable beauty. The most beautiful areas of the archipelago is on the small islands of Ureb and Mansurbabo, both having white sandy beaches and clear water. The sarirea rocks is also fantastic. Thsi are is suitable place for diving. From Biak it takes an hour by boat to get here.


Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave) is the local name for a cave which used to be used as a defense fortress by Japanese soldiers. The Japanese discovered the three-kilometer-long cave in 1943. Its gate is located in Paray beach in Paray village, Biak city. Japanese soldiers entered the cave from Paray beach.

The soldiers occupied three large rooms built inside the cave. The Japanese soldiers managed to shoot down a U.S. plane from their hiding place. However, eventually the US army came to know where the Japanese soldiers were hiding. So in the early morning of July 7, 1944, the US Army attacked the cave. The cave was bombarded. The Americans also dropped drums of gasoline into the hideout and blasted them from the air, setting the cave into fire. The cave burned for several months. Some 3,000 Japanese soldiers were trapped and killed in the attack. Located in a forest, the cave is one of Biak main tourist attractions. The forest is kept intact; tree cutting is strictly forbidden to keep the historic site as it is. The cave is surrounded by fences.

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