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Lombok : Art and Craft

Unique Pottery
Lombok's terracotta pottery products now circle the globe. Still utilizing time tested and traditional methods their uses and unique designs are now anything but traditional. Candleholders, vases, lamps and plates make up just some of the beautiful designs.

Three pottery villages, betray their own distinct styles and methods. But potting in Lombok is usually the domain of the village women. Men market the products.

Clay still arrives by horse-drawn cart. It's later pounded into a dough but there is no such thing as a potter's wheel. Instead layers are continually added to the original piece of dough while the maker herself moves around the object pressing it into the desired shape.

The pots are again left to dry before they are scraped with a black stone so that the surface becomes shiny and ready for the next drying process. This takes place in the hot sun and takes almost a full day; it even involves a brushing in the steaming hot midday sun which further improves the luster. The pots are then ready to be fired.
The final touch is to ensure the right colour. If dark red (runtang) colour is desired, hot pots are brushed with extract of tamarind seeds which have been prepared beforehand. For another color - called red flick - they just simply flick the hot pots with a husk. Another unique colour known as "Peter Colour' (simply because someone called Peter found the technique of making it) is created by baking the pots with a husk inside the oven. And of course for natural color nothing is done apart from baking itself

Senggigi Festival
The annual Senggigi Festival is a week of cultural events. Huge colorful procession filled the roadways, involving some hotels associates dressed in their finest traditional customes of Sasak, Bali, Sumbawa and Dompu.They all marched a long the street, accompanied by an exciting and lively sound of "Kendang Beleq" a traditional SasakBig Drum. The colorful parade reflects the many enchanting Lombok's Art and Culture which was brought together in one centrally convenience location. This event becomes the most exciting day for all visitors, as they can feel the atmosphere of the harmony surrounding among the ethnic cultures in Lombok Island.

Woven Cloth
Where in a quaint home-spun village called Pringasela, nestled in the cool and quiet mountain foothills beautiful handwoven cloths are created using only natural plants and primitive tools. Pounded and boiled, striking yellows, blues, and the blacks and reds of lombok come vibrantly of life.
Maidens from an early age are taught the craft. In a tradition still adhered to today, girls in the village start learning how to wave from as young as 10 years old. Otherwise on the flatlands another village called Sukarare is engaged in golden-thread weaved called songket. Here the village women dress in traditional black Sasak garb as they operate their looms demonstrating unique skills that are highly prized among the Sasaks.

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