For those who like the challenge of fishing, there are world class sport fishing right on Jakarta's doorstep! The fishing is year round with little seasonal variation in water temperature. The dry season from April to October has consistent southeasterly trade winds which give predictable if sometimes choppy conditions. There is little rain, but humidity is high and breeze is most welcome.

The wet season from November to March sees heavy rainfall most days and sometimes wild westerly winds which bring the worst of the sea conditions encountered in the area.

Sumba is also known for its adventure fishing game. Billfishing is the popular one, and September is the month to visit Sumba if you want to hook into a billfish. To respect these magnificent creatures, people are not only loving to catch them but also releasing them back to where they belong.

Fishing trip all over Indonesia are available, as so many spots of fishing scattered in  Indonesia archipelago and Blue and Black Marlin is the trophy among the sport fisher. The range of tropical gamefish is as varied as the terrain and the methods for catching them endless.

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