The most important hotel room

We provide several types of rooms. Sukbal facility is the most important thing for travelers. There is a space where you can relax comfortably after the tiring tour. People who come alone often stay at hotels and go. It provides comfortable facilities and services.

Our various rooms

There are various types that you can choose according to your taste. There are large rooms, small rooms, beautiful rooms, and cool rooms, so take your time and make contact.

good bed

Tree room

There is a tree when you open the door. Rest as if you are breathing with a tree.

hotel room type b

A double bed room

Enjoy the city from a high place. Indonesia, where nature and cities harmonize, is happy just by looking at it.

hotel room type c

Wooden double bed room

Enjoy the tree while using it widely with a double bed. When you open the door, you can smell nature.

hotel room type king

Princess room

Are you with your wife? Then this room is the best. You will be able to maintain a happy marital relationship.

special room

King room

There is no more royalty. It is expensive, but it boasts the best facilities. If you open the door, you can enjoy nature. It's also good for families to use.

simple room

Simple room

If you want an economical room, this place is good. It will give good memories to lovers or people traveling alone.

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