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I would like you to know  how much our whole group enjoyed the Orangutan tour.  We feel that  Adventure Indonesia did a great job of organizing the trip and everything  went smoothly.  Traveling by and staying on the klotok made the experience  more interesting and rewarding and our guide was knowledgable and  extremely friendly.  Of course, the highlight of the trip was the extensive  amount of time we were able to spend observing the orangutans as they ate,  played, and socialized.
This was a very memorable trip and Adventure Indonesia helped make it  possible.  I will recommend this trip to all of my friends and we look  forward to taking other trips with your company.

Best Regards,
Dave Cohen (expatriate in Jakarta)

My first task after my biiiiggggg sleep is to contact  you and say thank you very much for what has been the  most exciting, fantastic and remote adventures that I  have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. Thank   you so much for everything that you have done in order  to get this trip together for us. I know that it is  not easy trying to organize something of this  magnitude. I have organized a few in my time, and I  think that what you did for us was fantastic. Thank  you for the opportunity of getting to know you and  looking after us so well during our trip. I was so  exhausted some nights, and I am sure that you were  too, but for you the work just continued , making us  dinner and tea and coffee..... THANK YOU!! More than anything I want you to know that I had a  fantastic time. This trip will remain in my memory  forever. I can understand what you said about your  heart being in the jungle..... what a magic place it  is. I feel very fortunate to have been able to share  this experience with the most wonderful bunch of  people, some of whom I knew before I started the teck,  and some that I got to know while in Kalimantan!!!

Urda Herbst

First may I say that the trans Borneo experience was a "once in a lifetime" experience and I will remember it fondly and with pride (that I made it!) for the rest of my life. The personality of the guides and the many kindnesses they showed along the way was unforgettable and could not be improved upon

I know I left a large part of my heart there and am sure that if all goes well I will return to discover more about this fascinating place and its people.

lots of love,
Bronwyn Daff
Bronwyn Daff