Fun Jungle Training

The Jungle Training is a blend of camping, trekking activity, jungle survival program, and interactive and motivate fun games. All participants could achieve new experience, new knowledge, more understanding about the nature, basic survival skill, and self reliance.

Adventure Indonesia field team will lead you to do some trekking at the rainforest surrounding area of the camping site while appreciate the flora and fauna as well as the beautiful view landscape. You will introduced on practical tropical jungle survival such as :

  • how to move safely in wilderness
  • how to identify edible and poisonous plants
  • how to obtain water from the plants or other natural resources
  • cooking in floral material
  • how to move safely in the jungle
  • read compass and maps
  • identify edible and poisonous plants
  • set animal traps
  • build temporary shelters.

So, in short, the activity is not only a fun and leisure, but the combiantion of leisure and knowledge. This Jungle Training Program could be combine with game session, in which self confidence, team work, motivation, and leadership are needed to solve the challenge.

You can enjoy a dinner over the camp fire at night.

Camping Site:

  • Sukamantri Nature Reserve is located on the foot of Salak mountain, Bogor, 800 m above the sea level with cool temperature of 19 – 21 C degrees. This site has a camping ground of 5 hectares wide. To reach this site, you will need to drive for about 1.5 hours from Jakarta.
  • Ranca Upas Nature Reserve, around 42 km from Bandung, situated on the foot of Patuha mountain, 1.700 m above sea level with cool temperature of 18 – 22 °Celcius degrees. The road junction leads to Ranca Upas is surrounded by pine and Agathis Alba tree.


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